Back To Routine

Terry and I made one step toward getting back to our usual routine by going on our 3-mile walk. It was a nice enough day we would have done 4 miles if I weren't wary about overexerting myself. My legs never got tired from the walk, but my back has been not feeling quite right for over a week now. It's not like it's sore for any particular reason that I can tell, and it doesn't feel any more or less fine if I'm lying down, sitting, standing up, moving, or still, it's just kind of constant. But mild, so it's not a big deal. I'm hopeful that by getting back to the dirt-road walks it'll work itself out.

I think my legs didn't get tired today since we did do a lot of walking in the city. But walking on the concrete uses different muscles than walking on dirt or gravel, so I suspect that's contributing to my back problem. Either my back muscles got worked wrong from all that walking on concrete, or they weren't worked enough on the concrete, I don't know which.

I noticed a ring in the middle of my shirt where I rested my coffee cup on my belly. Good grief. I joked with Terry that I'll have to sew a button on all my maternity shirts, so I can attach a coaster whenever I have a beverage so I won't get anymore ring stains on my clothes. It's not like I'm going to stop using my belly as a table, so it would be prudent to at least use a coaster.

My neighbor nearly ran us off the road as she tore out of her driveway when we were almost done with our walk (she stopped to apologize and explain she had only 10 minutes to get to town before the pharmacy closed) and said she had pregnancy envy. She's already got four kids, but I think the youngest is 10 now. I wonder if I could peer-pressure her into having another. Terry thinks she's too old to have another, but I think it's possible. And it would be convenient to have a kid the same age right next door, wouldn't it? The other ladies on my street really are too old to have more kids, so there's no hope there. And I don't think any of their grandkids live near enough to be around regularly, they mostly come to visit on holidays.