Blowing Off Birth Circle

One of the women in our childbirth class has been attending the Charlottesville "Birth Circle" for a while now. My understanding is that it's a monthly meeting where both pregnant and postpartum women meet to discuss various aspects of childbirth and tell their stories. The woman in our group seemed to like it, and generally had a useful anecdote to share during our birth class on whatever topic we were discussing.

The monthly meeting is tonight, and I was planning to go. But now as the time to leave the house is drawing near, I'm having second thoughts. I'm kind of tired of thinking about childbirth, it's becoming dull to me. If I could be there in 10 minutes (if the meeting was in Crozet, for example) I'd probably go anyway, but I'm having a hard time convincing myself it's going to be worth the 30 minute drive into town and back.

I didn't get too much done today-- I woke around 7am and decided to start reading "The Snow Leopard" since Terry really wants me to read that book. I read for an hour or so, but then fell back asleep until around 10am. I heard Terry puking in the bathroom on the other side of the house since I woke up the first time, and he was still at it at 10am. When we were first married, he would throw up nearly every morning, but through changes in his diet and stress management techniques it hasn't been a problem for years. He still has a weak stomach and I'm not surprised to find him vomiting or otherwise in the bathroom for hours after doing something dumb like eating two chili-dogs in a row (he never learns), but it was odd that he was sick so early this morning.

I asked if there was anything I could do for him, but there wasn't, so I went downstairs to make a big batch of blackberry pancakes for us. He came down in a while and took a small pancake back upstairs (but it wound up being too rich for him to eat anyway) and he warned me not to eat the leftover pork roast. Aha. He had it as a late-night snack last night, and that's why he was sick this morning.

I prepared to finish painting the foyer part of the bedroom, but Terry told me he was too sick for me to paint in that room. Which is too bad, since he'd been bugging me all weekend to finish the painting in there and I was all psychologically prepared to get it done today. So I decided to buy the paint to paint the nursery. I was also going to pick a color to paint our front door, so I had to go online and do a little research and decide what finish I wanted for that. I wound up not leaving the house until after 3pm and was getting hungry for lunch (I didn't eat breakfast until nearly 11, so it took awhile to get hungry again). Terry asked if I could get him some ginger ale, so it prompted me to place my paint order, order some pizza for pickup (Dominos is across the street from the hardware store), and hit the road.

I wound up getting a sample of a dark gray paint for the front door. Or maybe it's more of a soft black with navy undertones. That's the thing with the BM paints, their color changes depending on the light, so it's reasonably important to test samples on-site if it's important to you.

I ate after I got home from the hardware store, pizza place, and grocery (before I made it out the door, Terry increased his order from just a ginger ale to include also bananas and saltines). After lunch I went out to the car to get the gallon of paint and carry it upstairs, and was surprisingly exhausted after all that activity. So I sat in bed for awhile.

I updated a spreadsheet with addresses for birth announcements, and ordered a bunch of envelopes. One of the useful tips on thebump.com site was to address the envelopes for the announcements before the baby arrives, so afterward you just have to stuff the envelopes and it's easy and mindless that way so it can be done on little sleep. What a good idea.

I did run into the problem that most sites that print baby announcements send the envelopes with the announcements, and you can't exactly order the announcements until after the birth so the pre-addressing thing wouldn't work out. So I've decided to order postcards from my usual postcard printer (the one I use for my charity graphics orders, I haven't ordered postcards for myself before) since they'll make them in sizes to fit A2 envelopes. And I ordered some A2 envelopes from a different site-- I got them in pearl white metallic so they'll match whatever color I want to use on the announcements themselves. Another benefit to doing it this way is that it is significantly cheaper than ordering from a "regular" announcement site. Yes, I'll have to design the announcement myself and submit a print-ready file, but since I know how to do that and even have experience with this particular vendor, it's not a problem for me in the least.

I'll just have to design the announcement in the coming weeks, just leaving blanks for the name, date, weight, etc. and a photo. Then after the baby is born I can just drop in the data, send the file, and get everything on its way. I've got a pretty big list of people to send announcements to. I'm telling everyone-- it is a very big deal for us, and many people will be very surprised to hear that Terry and I have a baby, after all these years with no progress on that front.