Announcement Wording Surprisingly Fun

I set out this evening to work on the design for our baby announcements, thinking it would be a bit of a chore. But I was surprised that it was kind of fun trying out different wordings to announce the birth.

I think this is because it's reminiscent of writing your married names in all different ways before the wedding, you know: "Mr. and Mrs. Terrence R. Thorsen", "Mr. & Mrs. Terry Thorsen", "Heidi & Terry Thorsen", etc.

I've got the wording tentatively worked out, but I won't bother posting it since it lacks charm without the name filled in, and Terry and I are keeping the name of our baby to ourselves until it's born. We do have both a boy name and a girl name selected.

I might scan in one of the squares from the baby quilt I'm making to use as the background of the announcement. Or to make a border across one edge, or something. If you're making custom cards, might as well use specifically relevant designs . .