Curved Spine and Painted Walls

I finally got to paint the two little foyer walls in the bedroom Terry wouldn't let me paint on Monday. It really didn't take long at all since I had already cut-in around the doors and fixtures and all I had to do was roller-paint. I wasn't motivated enough to paint the trim, which also must be done. That may take a little longer. It also didn't help that it was overcast today, so the light wasn't very good that far from the windows. I had just a little paint left on the roller when I was done, so I painted one of the little funny angled walls in the master bath-- it was about 12" wide and just right to use up the paint I already poured out. I didn't roller the edges, I'll cut them in later. I really like the Aura paint since touch-ups are invisible. You can totally cut-in the edges on one day and roller-paint a week later, and it looks like you had wet edges for the whole wall. And I really only needed one coat for most of the bedroom, since if there were any little patchy spots I could just touch them up with the swipe of a brush and by the time the paint dried it looked perfect. The paint is indeed expensive, but for the time it saves by not requiring a second coat it's totally worth it. I did need multiple coats in the new rooms since I would have needed primer, so it was really two coats instead of three I would have otherwise used with different paint.

Since it's only Wednesday, and I don't have any commitments for the rest of the week, there's still a good chance that I'll get the nursery painted this week. It's a small room, I'll probably cut in the whole thing tomorrow, paint it Friday. It's going to be Navajo White. I was unsure about the color until our last trip to NJ when Terry commented that he really liked the color of the bedroom there, which is Navajo White. So I'm not going to second-guess myself, I'm just going to go for it.

After skipping two days, Terry and I resumed our 3-mile walk. Today we saw something new-- a huge fire near our turnaround point. We could see the flames from about 1 mile away, and I knew immediately what brush pile was being burnt. And thank goodness, it was quite an eyesore (although since it was set back from the road maybe 100 yds I don't think Terry ever noticed it). When we got close, we didn't see any firetrucks, but there were quite a few men monitoring it, and one in a bulldozer driving around it. The brush pile was maybe 50 feet long by 10 feet high, I don't know how deep it was, but probably not too deep. The fire was impressive. We like it when we see something new on our walk, unfortunately we don't routinely carry a camera so you'll have to take our word for it.

I had a new feeling when walking today-- like my glutes were way up high and my lower back was getting even more curved. After that last adjustment I went through, I didn't think my spine would curve EVEN MORE. Yet it is. I've noticed over the past few days that I'm sitting a bit differently, but I didn't think anything of it. But while walking, I could definitely feel what was going on. I had to make a conscious effort to hold myself upright so my shoulders were balanced over my hips, since my instinct was to lean forward so my spine wouldn't feel so doubled-over on itself. And it was new muscles that were tired at the end of the walk, my hips and glutes seemed to take on more of the workout than they're used to. But I'm glad it's not my calves anymore, that was much harder to take, and required me to stop and stretch several times during the walk, not just at the half-way point.

But having gone through this before, I now know this is just a growth-spurt, and it won't feel weird for weeks, probably just another few days until my body adjusts. Last time I was eating a lot, this time I'm sleeping a lot. When I got back from the midwife appointment and shopping yesterday, I could barely keep my eyes open and wound up sleeping from 2-4 pm. Today after the walk, I read the paper for awhile, but again, like a little kitten my eyes just started to close in the middle of what I was doing, and I just fell asleep right on the sofa. I think I was out for about two hours today, also. But my appetite isn't particularly big.

I haven't really gained weight in a while, I'm holding steady right around +30 lbs. Since the pregnancy sites say the goal is to gain 1-2 lbs / week during the last trimester, I asked the midwife about it yesterday. She said she could tell that the baby was definitely growing just fine (each visit they both measure my stomach and press around to determine what direction the baby is facing, how much room it's got in the uterus, etc.), and that the baby definitely can still grow even if I don't gain weight, she would only be concerned if I started to actually lose weight. She said some people's bodies are just more efficient and weight gain can be unpredictable, the body will just work out whatever it needs pretty much on its own as long as you eat right.

I think I might have finally had what would qualify as a "craving" starting last week. I was going to get a cinnabon during our drive home from NJ, but when I got in there I just had a strong urge to get an ice cream cone instead. So I did. And one day when Terry and I were having lunch at Otto's, again, I really wanted ice cream and they've got Edy's soft-serve, so I had some. I seem to recall there was a third time I wanted ice cream, but couldn't have it for some reason. I rarely eat ice cream, especially in the winter, so I think it's a pregnancy craving. I also am enjoying drinking the whole milk. I used to find it too heavy, but now it's just delicious. It also helps that we're drinking non-homogenized milk when it's available. At first Terry was weirded out by the texture, but since I showed him how to shake it up really good before pouring he really likes it, too.