Wee Me Action Slowing Down

I archive my Wee Me each time I change it, but only update the gallery in batches. I added 18 Wee Me avatars this time, from mid-December to the present. I used to be pretty good about updating my Wee Me most days, but then I used to be pretty good about wearing different clothes most days.

Since my maternity jeans don't really fit me anymore (they just keep falling down, I can't walk a block in them without looking like some sort of freakish pregnant middle-aged gangsta wanna-be with my underwear showing out the top) I'm down to two pair of black maternity pants that are still wearable. I still have to pull them up all the time, but they're wearable. It's too cold to wear my skirts or dresses without boots, and when I'm at home I don't feel like wearing boots all day. Even my sweatpants and things aren't staying up anymore (unless they're too tight to wear at all). And I've got a small handful of tops that are long enough to cover me, but they're all kind of boring me at this point since I wear them over and over again.

So I basically wear the same general outfit (black pants & knit top) every day. It does not inspire me to update the Wee Me. I really don't want to shop for more winter maternity clothes, I've been asking around about where to get pants that don't fall down, but I discovered it's not the pants, it's me. Most women have enough hips to keep their pants up, but since I've always had narrow hips I can't rely on them now. I am just waiting until it's warm enough I can just wear dresses. Then I'll pick up a few more maternity items. I have two dresses now I wear again and again. A third I wear occasionally. I tried on some non-maternity empire-waist dresses in my closet, but my bust doesn't fit into them anymore, so I'm going to have to buy a few new dresses to get me through March and April.

If it gets really warm, I probably have enough regular knit sport dresses to wear, although I imagine they'll be obscenely short once they clear the belly. As far as my knit skirts and other clothes go, I'm not wearing anything I really love, but if the garment is getting kind of old I'm wearing it and taking my chances that it might get stretched out of shape by my current figure. Better to wear old knits while I've got a funny shape and replace them with cute new postpartum outfits than to buy a bunch of new maternity clothes that I'll only use a few more months and have to go back to my old clothes when I reclaim my figure. It's really tempting to hang onto clothes way too many years when living here in Cville. There is absolutely no fashion here, you can wear the same outfit for ten years and no one will notice (although they do notice if you've got something new). But I'm going to keep up my biannual shopping in NY to at least keep up with the latest styles in a token sort of way-- even if I don't buy an entire new wardrobe each spring and fall, I'll try to get a few new outfits and REALLY try to have the discipline to get rid of a few of my oldest outfits when I bring the new stuff in. I hate having a crowded closet, so that makes it easier for me to dump the excess. And now that I'll have a baby I can sew clothes for, I can even reuse the fabric for things that have shrunken or have a stain and make a baby outfit out of clothes that I will no longer wear. Old fabric is often the softest, anyway.