I Haven't Laughed This Hard In Months

OK, I'm tired but I've got to post this before I turn off my computer and go to sleep. Terry has been reading the book Capitalism by George Reisman, and every day I get to hear about how brilliant this economist is. Tonight Terry came into my room because he just had to read me a passage. This was unusual, usually he waits until he finishes a chapter to tell me all about it.

Let me preface the following quote by letting you know that Terry and I are at this point thinking it's fairly likely that we will home-school our child. Of course, it will depend on the child, and if it would do better in a structured school environment then we'll send it. But if it's anything like us, it will probably be better off home-schooled.

It's not that we're against sex-ed in the schools or the teaching of evolution or any of the stereotypical reasons parents choose home-schooling. We just don't think schools do an adequate job preparing kids to succeed as adults, and while we might be able to make up the difference supplementing our kid's education after school and on weekends, why make the kid waste their time in school for so many hours per week, when we could teach them everything they'd learn in school, and THEN some in less time? Besides, we think a lot of what's taught in both K-12 and colleges is actually bogus, and the reason so many people have lost their savings in the market and signed up for mortgages they can't afford and are wage-slaves trapped in unsatisfying jobs to cover bills for their big-screen TVs and 6,000 sq ft homes is because they just weren't educated properly. And we won't let that happen to any child of ours.

So here's what Reisman has to say on p. 335 about the value of today's education:

True enough, if education lived up to its inherent potential of typically producing civilized adults, instead of, as is the case today, growing hordes of illiterate, semi-savage delinquents, it would indeed represent a major benefit to everyone.

He hit the nail on the head. Couldn't have said it better myself. Why do we think schools are so useless? When Terry ran AFS he had to hire employees, and interviewed lots of kids straight out of school (4-year colleges, mind you). It wasn't pretty.