I Haven't Laughed So Hard Since Yesterday

Terry wanted to go to Otto's for lunch today, but I wasn't dressed. I had been painting naked all morning and kind of digging my polka-dotted body look. Anyway, my two pair of pants that fit were both dirty, and it was too cold to wear a dress.

I had a very difficult time trying to find ANYTHING I could wear out of the house without freezing. I could only come up with some black Danskin exercise leggings topped by a knit swimsuit cover-up short knit dress with black and white horizontal stripes, topped by a black cardigan (left wide open, of course). Terry nearly refused to go out with me looking like that, since I looked like a weird french mime. But when I offered to change into another outfit of his choosing, he realized he had no choice. And of course, I topped it off with my red cape. Perfect.

So tonight I'm going to do some laundry, and tomorrow I'm going to suck it up and go shopping to buy some more winter maternity clothes. I was really scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to find something to wear today, and the resulting outfit was so ridiculous I don't think I can even put it on again without literally busting my gut from laughing. I thought about taking a photo, but resisted the urge, knowing it could very easily come back to haunt me. It's the middle-aged woman equivalent of having a photo of yourself puking in the bushes at 2am posted to facebook.