Islamic Maternity Clothes?

After lunch, I realized that I couldn't avoid getting more maternity clothes, despite my preference to wait until spring. I am without that option at this point. I tried to think "out-of-the-box" about how to solve this problem, and thought maybe a burka would do the trick. I did a little internet surfing and found this site Abbatty. Talk about limited fashion choices! Nevertheless, it might be useful to have one on hand to throw on when I can't find anything else.

My curiosity piqued, I continued searching for Islamic outfits to wear in lieu of traditional maternity clothes. None of them were particularly satisfying, so I didn't order any. I'll just go shopping in Waynesboro tomorrow and get something a bit more mainstream. But I did stray into looking for maternity sarongs. I love to wear my sarong when I'm on vacation at a beach, I know how to tie it all different ways, and it's comfortable, attractive, and versatile. But it barely fits me when I'm a little overweight, let alone pregnant. It's sized for a short polynesian woman, I guess. But there are indeed companies that make larger sarongs for plus-size or pregnant women, and also for tall women. I might order up one of those to have on hand for spring, it will be very comfortable around the house in warm weather, even if it's not appropriate to wear into town.