Academy Awards Look Good But Still Too Long

I'm watching the Academy Awards as I write. I really like this new format where they've ditched the mediocre comic hosts and are actually putting on a show. Everything looks really good. But it's still so slow I had to turn on my computer and do some web-surfing (I read about group-b strep during childbirth, non-toxic carpets and carpet pads, checked my email, read the spinning babies site about how to figure out what position your baby's in based on where you feel kicks).

I appreciate that the presenters are actually reading faster this year, but it's still a lot of setup for the actual award. Now, if I were in the industry, I'd have more patience for the setup, it's not as dull as introductions for top accountants, that's for sure. And it's a big deal to win an Academy Award, it must be a thrilling validation of your career. But from a purely disinterested viewer, I'd rather they just show some clips from each movie for each nomination, and give the award. And if the people in the audience want the whole mutual admiration society thing between presenters and nominees, I think they should have their ceremony and tape it, but not televise it live. Then they should just take the good parts and show it on TV for the rest of the country. Cut it down to 2 hrs. They've got some good film editors there, right? They could take notes during the off-air ceremony, turn in the notes as they leave, and let the TV technicians do their magic.

It doesn't even have to be a big gap. Lots of TV shows are edited during taping, right? Make the live show finish by 8pm, air the edited version starting at 9pm. They can be editing the 2nd hour of the show while the first hour is being aired.

Eh, maybe I'm just particularly hard to please because I have unmedicated ADD and I can't even drink to slow down my brain enough to enjoy most TV. Seriously, I now know why I love to sit down with a few beers on my TV nights-- the shows aren't nearly as enjoyable when I'm not drinking. I can watch Heroes, House, and 30 Rock. That's about it. Most other shows I get so bored I wander off before they're over. Or I have to be doing something else while they're on (like I'm doing now). But having tried both ways, I prefer to have a buzz, it's a lot more fun, and isn't entertainment supposed to be fun?