Administrative Day

I am excruciatingly bad at keeping up with the administrative necessities of my household. Admittedly, we've got more to take care of than the average household, but I'm still bad at it. Terry finally went through all the mail over the weekend-- not only was our mail box (not the one outside, the one I keep in the front hallway and fill with unopened mail) overflowing, I was starting to set piles of daily mail in random places all over the downstairs when I walked in from getting it. Now I've got a pile of papers that I have to deal with. Phone calls to make, bank accounts to close, taxes to pay. Not to mention thank-you notes to write-- I still haven't sent those out to my friends in NY, and it's been over two weeks. Or is it three? Either way, inexcusable.

I would prefer to finish painting the trim in the nursery so I can rehang the curtains. Or to work a bit on the design for the middle of my baby quilt. And to finish designing the kitchen garden. Or to play more videogames. But even though Terry and I are living our dream life, we still can't spend every minute of every day just doing what we like. There are still chores to be done whether we like it or not. I do fantasize about the day where I'm pulling in enough income through trading that I can hire a personal assistant to take care of the tedious stuff, so I really could just do whatever I wanted to all day, every day. But unless I get very very lucky, it's not going to happen this year. Lucky, because I don't have an aggressive trading or investment strategy. I've been focusing on capital preservation, so I don't tend to place trades where I would expect an opportunity to double my money or anything. Just prudent choices, each no more than 5% of our portfolio value, positions that my charts predict offer better-than-average odds of profitability. Not the stuff the salaries of personal assistants are made of, unfortunately.

But all in good time. Terry's company wasn't throwing off major cash for several years after he started it, but it paid off over the long-term. So I imagine I've just got to trade within the limits of my ability at first, but I do anticipate that I will continue to improve over time, so that it will at some point in future years be prudent for me to "swing a big line". Indeed, if my trading skills improve, it would be negligent of me to under-invest. But right now, it hasn't even been two years since I made the career decision, let alone started trading actual money. A big line would be swinging ME, not the other way around.

Ah, I guess daydreaming of the day sometime in the future when I will be a big powerful trading success story will get me through this day of paperwork. Organizing 1099s, waiting on hold with the banks, setting up appointments. I don't even remember everything that's in the to-do pile Terry stacked up for me over the weekend. But I do anticipate that I'll at least be able to finish the critical stuff in one day, maybe even get through all of it. So here I go. It will be good to get some of it done before lunch, give myself a sense of accomplishment for the day to get me through the afternoon.