Laptop In Sewing Room Not Effective

I moved my laptop into the sewing room, thinking that sitting at a table would inspire me to greater levels of productivity than working from my breakfast tray while reclining in bed.

Surprisingly, this is not so. It might even be counter-productive. The sewing room has good light, with two windows together framing a pleasant vista of the back field. So I spend more time looking out the window than I did in the bedroom, where the windows are on adjacent walls so neither view is as impressive or distracting. And while my ergonomic stool might be better for my back than the dizzying array of pillows I use to prop myself up in bed, it's also much easier to get up from. So I do stop what I'm doing and get up often, sometimes not returning to the task I was working on for an hour or more. I am disappointed that my plan for greater efficiency is not panning out.

Fortunately, all is not lost. I DID do two things so far today; I've got a new maid coming in on Monday morning, tentatively set for two days next week and once a week on Thursdays after that if it works out. And she does both laundry and windows (yay!). Slightly more expensive than the last one, but if she's less of a pain-in-the-@$#@ then that's worth it.

I also placed a call to the guy who installed our hardwood floors a few months ago to see if he's got a carpet installer to recommend. The installation price quoted by the retailer seemed unreasonably high. But I also discovered that there are three authorized dealers of the particular carpet we want for the master bedroom, so I'll just get each of them to come give me their free measurement and quote for the carpet and installation, and see what the differences are. I suspect the difference will be over $500, which is worth the effort of getting competing quotes.

And I wrote a check for our subscription to Farm Show magazine. So I guess I did THREE things so far today. I also updated my stock charts, but since that's technically my most important responsibility I don't count that as something *extra* that I've done, it's just like eating breakfast, something that I do every day and that's that.

It's not yet 2:30pm, so I think I'll be able to one more thing at least, bringing my total accomplishments for the day to FOUR, which would make this a somewhat productive day. I'd probably need to do six or more useful things to feel very productive. Maybe I'll do some laundry-- I think five things would qualify as a "productive" day without modifier.

Before I call to schedule the appointments for the carpet guys to measure the master bedroom, I'm going to have to make a definitive decision about what to do about carpeting in the nursery. That way, I'll know whether to get quotes on that at the same time, or if Terry and I will just put in carpet tiles ourselves. If I make that decision today, I can make the phone calls tomorrow, and thus get that project moving.

Only between 22 and 57 days until the baby arrives, so I cannot procrastinate if I want to get the decorating done. And I do.