Another Five Hours Painting Done

I didn't think it would take me five hours to paint the trim in the nursery and bedroom-foyer. And in that time, I didn't even completely finish painting the trim on the closet doors in the nursery, or the main nursery door. The main nursery door was beyond the scope of my plans yesterday, since it's a french door with 15 window panes that must be taped on both sides. It will be a project unto itself, and I'm putting it off. But I would have liked to finish the trim on the closet doors. It's my own fault for being so ambitious with it.

I like the doors to look more like the walls than like big white behemoths on the wall. So I paint them the same color as the wall, instead of as trim. I'm using matte finish paint on the wall, which is usually less durable than the glossier finishes, and thus not recommended for doors and trim. But since I'm using Aura, I'm taking a chance that it will be fine. I've had to scrub fingerprints off the door in the sewing room, finished with matte paint, and it's been quite durable so far. If this Aura stuff holds up over time as well as Benjamin Moore advertises that it will, what a treat. How nice to be able to choose your paint finish for purely aesthetic reasons instead of having to balance both aesthetics and practicality.

Five hours of painting was probably a bit too much. I was pretty tired out by the end, which is why I had to stop short of getting it all done. I probably wouldn't have worn myself out so much if I'd done two or three hours then taken a break, then gone back to it.

I'd like to paint the upstairs hallway today. It needs to be cleaned first, so that will slow me down. And I'll actually want to protect the floors, since unlike the carpets in the bedroom and nursery, they won't be replaced soon. But at least it's hardwood, easier to keep paper down, etc. One of the ceiling lights has been burnt-out for probably a year now, so this will be a good time to take down the fixture, clean and replace it, even though I'm not going to paint the ceiling. It's overcast today, so I'll need all the light I can get in the hallway in order to paint carefully.