Terry Took Over Garden Design

Terry got tired waiting for me to finish the design for the kitchen garden, so he designed it last night. Technically, I still don't consider it done, since he didn't plan it to scale, and so it's still not possible to go out there and stake it out. But it's a reasonable design considering our reduced expectations for this year.

For one, we're not going to bother changing the shape of the garden-- it's currently the shape of a quarter-circle. Eventually, we'd probably prefer it was square or rectangle, but Terry doesn't want to pull up the fence and re-arrange it this year. Fair enough.

We're also not going to install permanent borders around the beds this year. Both because we may change the basic shape of the garden as soon as next year, and also so we can learn from experience if the size beds we plant are convenient, or if they need to be resized for next year's planting.

Terry has been taking advantage of the warm days this month to turn the soil in the garden. I was skeptical that he'd have the fortitude to dig up and turn nearly 1000 sq ft of sod, but he's been doggedly pursuing the task and is nearly finished. I've had to encourage him to just go out and "dig a little" every nice day so he doesn't put it off, but once he's out there, he usually stays awhile and gets a lot done. Unlike me, who when pressed to do "just a little" of something to make progress, can really go either way-- sometimes I'll start and wind up doing it for several hours, other times I really will only do something for ten minutes before I get tired of it and stop. For example, I have no problem just vacuuming one room. Yes, it might be more efficient to vacuum the whole downstairs at once, but if I don't feel like it, I figure that vacuuming one room is better than not vacuuming any, and I'll take what I can get. Same with laundry. As long as I've done one load per week, while it's certainly not keeping up with it all, at least it ensures I have *something* to wear. Fortunately, we've got a new maid coming out on Monday. Hopefully she'll work out better than the last.