Closet Might Not Need As Much Change As I Thought

I thought I'd have to completely re-do the closet to meet my own needs now that Terry has moved most of his clothes to the separate armoire in the bedroom.

Instead of painting today (I've been very tired since our 3-mile walk today, and just don't have the energy to paint anything now), I decided to look into new closet systems. I thought I'd have to take down the current system in order to paint, so I might as well install the system I'd prefer instead of re-installing the current one.

I was hopeful that perhaps the current system was configurable already, and I'd just have to buy some new components. No such luck. It's just wire racks with clothes bars, one at 85", another at 42". No support rods on the walls to hold shelves.

None of the available DIY closet systems are perfect, even the wood ones have problems. And the professionally installed systems are terribly expensive if you get the best-looking ones, plus they are not configurable later.

Perhaps it is because I am fatigued today, but I am having a very difficult time mustering the enthusiasm to install a new closet system. Just thinking about it makes me tired.

The thing is, the current shelves/rods aren't that far off from meeting my needs. Once I move the dresser from NJ into the closet, that should suffice for everything I like to keep in drawers (lingerie and hosiery, pajamas, sweaters, delicate knits). And while the hanging section that is usually behind the closet door when the door is open is fairly useless (very inconvenient), I don't really have to remove the current shelves to to convert that section to long-term storage. I just have to either get some stand-alone shelves to put there, or stackable boxes. That's going to be the area where I keep seldom-used things like my full gown petticoat, other evening gown accessories, out-of-season bedspreads, etc. Although these items are currently already in fairly inaccessible locations (mostly way up on the top shelf that I can't reach). Hmm, maybe I'll have to rethink that strategy.

I've already moved my shoe-storage boxes to the shelf along the back wall of the closet, and the mini-shelf organizers we brought back from NJ which have a lot of my socks, etc. in them. I hesitate to purchase more organizing boxes for my handbags, although I will need them eventually, until the dresser is actually in the closet and I see how much room I have left. I probably want to keep them over the dresser, but I'm not sure.

And while I really don't like the white wire set-up, it occurred to me that I could just sew cute fabric covers for the existing shelves, and that would look very pretty, and easier than installing all new hardware to support wooden shelves. And if I'm going to cover the current shelves, does it really matter if they get a little paint on them? If I could paint the closet without removing the shelves, it would be much more convenient than the alternative. Maybe there's some way I can just "unclip" the shelves from their brackets, and only paint around the brackets. It will require further investigation.

Anyway, the good news for the day is that I don't think I need a whole new closet system to improve the master bedroom walk-in-closet. Some strategic additions to the current set-up should suffice. Once Terry finally moves his shirts out of there (soon, since the missing part preventing him from installing his clothes bar arrived in the mail today) I can probably even clear out the nursery closet a bit so we can get the baby clothes out of our dining room.