Hallway Painted in 3 Hours

I haven't painted the trim in the hallway yet, but the walls are all done. It took a little longer than one would think given its size, since it was tricky painting the walls over the stairwell.

Since I can't use the big ladder, I did the best I could with a roller on a pole. It's decent, the coverage in the far corner and near the ceiling is a little uneven, but not so much that you'd notice unless you were inspecting it. I really won't be able to paint the ceiling molding up there until I can use the ladder this summer.

Today I chose to rest after painting the walls, instead of continuing on to paint trim-- I remembered that five hours of painting was too much last week. Three hours still tired me out (I asked Terry to clean up the brush, roller and paint tray for me when I was done since I wanted to rest), but I wasn't exhausted like before, just regular pregnancy-tired.

We walked both yesterday and the day before, so I don't feel too bad about skipping today. It was all snowy anyway. Yesterday we went out in the snow, but we went in the morning after it stopped snowing the first time and before it started snowing again later. And there was nothing stuck to the road, so it was easy to walk. Today there was an inch or two on the ground until it melted well into the afternoon.

I can't decide whether to get my hair done this week or next. I definitely need a cut, and I want to get some highlights. From what I've heard from other new moms, haircuts & highlights will become low on my list of priorities once I have an infant. So on one hand, I want to wait as long as possible and get this done right before the birth, so I might be fully recovered by the time I need another cut. But on the other hand, I don't want to wait so long that I miss my opportunity entirely.

We got the quotes back for the carpet installation. The two companies here were only $114 difference, which was about 1.8% difference in price. Pretty darn similar. Terry wants me to call them and negotiate a discount. I'll give it a try. I guess we do have the advantage of being able to walk away, now that I've selected what carpet I want, it doesn't really matter if I get it done now before the baby arrives or if we do it later. Terry convinced me that it won't be that disruptive even after the baby is here. But I'll make the calls, see what I can do.