Too Big and Healthy

While I was at the same weight for nearly a month, I've gained about five pounds in the past week or so. It coincided with the feeling that my back was curving more, etc. so I'm not surprised by the growth spurt. But it is disenheartening. I guess if I stay at this weight for another month it won't be so bad, I'm just not keen on gaining more.

I asked my midwife about it at my appointment today-- especially since I've seen other pregnant women due within a week, and they're much smaller than I am and I still have over a month to go. The midwife felt around, felt the size of the head, and said I'm much bigger since I'm probably carrying a much bigger baby.

She's pretty sure the baby is already around 6 lbs, and she'd expect it to be around 8-9 lbs for birth. She said it certainly could get up to 10-11 lbs, but she doesn't think that will happen if I continue to exercise and don't eat too much sugar. But she'd be very surprised if it was less than 8 lbs. She said she did NOT want me to diet at all, and if I wanted to do anything to try to keep the baby's size down I should just exercise more. But she also thought I was fairly demanding of myself, and she thought I was doing a good job staying healthy just with what I'm doing. She examined me and said my weight gain is not an indication that I'm getting too fat, but that it really is a sign that I'll probably have a big baby. And that even if I just ate 100% healthy food like skinless chicken breasts and vegetables, it's no guarantee of controlling weight during pregnancy, since the body is going to gain what it's going to gain, and it's different for every woman and it's just not something entirely within a woman's control.

She said that feeling the baby now, she also thought it was likely that it was heavy because it is long, not because it's getting fat. This confirms my intuition, it certainly feels like a long baby. Not that I have anything to compare it to, but just the way it feels when it moves around, that was my intuition.

I guess I've been prejudiced against large babies ever since I was a candy-striper at UVA and took the newborn baby photos every weekend. The 5-6 lbs babies always looked much cuter than the heavier babies, in my opinion. Oh well. The midwife was pretty happy with the prospect of me having an 8-9 lb baby. She said that big babies are generally healthy babies, and especially since Terry and I are both relatively tall she'd be more concerned if the baby wasn't on the big side.

It could be that if we have a baby boy, he could grow up to be bigger than Terry. His dad is 6'7" or so, and on my side my brother is 6'4" and I have an uncle I think is around 6'7". If the boy gets any of his height from my side, it's also likely he'll outweigh his father by the time he's a young teenager. Terry is quite slim, and still has the body of a 16-year-old. If we have a girl who is enormous, well, too bad for her. I wouldn't want to be any taller than I am, since that would likely involve having feet larger than I have, and girls with big feet have problems finding cute shoes.

Shoes just don't look as cute on big feet. I'm only an 8.5 and I have a problem with a lot of styles that just aren't nearly as cute on me as they are in a size 6 in the store window. Although I combat that by wearing quite high heels. They serve the dual purpose of making my feet appear shorter (less distance between the heel and toe) and making me appear thinner (since weight x on someone 5'8" looks heavier than the same weight on someone 6' tall). Not that I'm wearing heels much now. My regular high-heeled boots don't fit since my legs have gotten too fat to zip them up, and the new boots I got this fall have only 2-3" heels. And it's still too @#$@# cold to wear regular shoes.