GE Money Bank Still Up To No Good

In January, I had a problem with a credit card that changed its due date without any official notice (see this post for details). I called them, got the fee waived, and got the new date I'd have to pay by to avoid late fees. I changed my bank's auto-payment schedule, and thought the problem was solved.

Not so! They charged me a late fee AGAIN. This time I called and complained, saying that I paid by the due-date they gave me last month, why didn't they apply my payment in time to avoid a fee??? Today the phone rep again waived the late fee (it's nearly 50% of my monthly payment, so it's excessive, which is why I'm particularly irritated by this), and gave me yet another date by which to pay to avoid fees. Hopefully THIS date will work.

These credit card companies are unbelievable. They are getting ELECTRONIC payments from my bank, and not applying them for up to five days. It's times like this that I think the US financial SHOULD be allowed to fail, so that something less dysfunctional will spring up to replace it.