Can't Even Get Through One Thing

All I wanted to do today is gather and organize my 1099-INT forms for 2008. And I've been at my computer off-and-on most of the day, and still haven't finished. I'm probably halfway done.

I think I have found all the physical forms I got in the mail, and those are double-hole-punched and stuck neatly in my 2008 tax folder. So that's good. And I finally went through my EarthClassMail scan folder and downloaded all the forms I received in Oregon to pdf. So that is progress.

What is still unfinished is the tedious work of going to the rest of the individual bank websites where I signed up for "paperless" notifications, and download the tax forms one by one.

I thought I'd be able to finish this task by mid-afternoon, so I could reward myself by chilling out and working the puzzles in my puzzle book (I am addicted, and love the variety, from diagramless to acrostics to cryptograms, etc.). But here it is, 5:30pm, and I'm not done.

I did go just a little beyond three miles on my walk today, so that felt good, and we got one of the carpet guys out here to measure the third bedroom to determine if there's a more efficient way to use the wool carpet between two rooms instead of just one.

But wouldn't it be nice to have ONE line of my tax return (interest income) done? I don't even know why I can't just deal with it. I think because I don't even have a good list of what banks I had accounts with last year, and I'm afraid of missing some. I was moving money around like crazy, chasing yield, so accounts were opened, closed, switched from single owner to joint back when all the bank failures made me take the FDIC limits seriously. Ugh.