Cats Vaccinated

Terry and I took all three cats to the vet this morning, to get them their "annual" checkup and shots. I haven't been taking the cats to the vet annually, since they're completely indoor cats, and they've been healthy. The vet tech did call last fall, to point out that their rabies vaccinations were expired and it's a state law that all cats have current vaccinations. I didn't realize that. The vet tech also said that it didn't matter if I gave them 3-year rabies shots, the law still required them to get boosters every year. I doubted that.

I looked up the law, and while even indoor cats need to be current on their rabies shots, there was no mention of them needing annual shots. As far as I could tell, the 3-year shot would be fine.

The pregnancy checklist on (a tool I've found very useful) suggested getting all your pets current on shots before the birth, for both convenience and safety, so we took care of that today. As well as bringing our cats into legal compliance with state rabies law.

Poor Rambo got carsick on the way to the vet, he's got the most sensitive cat stomach of the three. Fenway would usually get sick on the way to NJ, but he made the shorter trip to the vet without incident. Terry asked about vets who make house calls. When I first researched the situation when we moved here in 2003, there was one, but she was a little more expensive than going to a vet. But Terry suggested that maybe we reevaluate, since it is a chore to get all three cats crated up, into the car, and then they get all meow-y and sick on the drive, etc.

Of course, as long as the cats are healthy, they're not going back to the vet until their rabies runs out in 2012. I saw a sign in the examination room that was recommending everyone bring in their pets for "wellness" exams twice a year. What a racket! I don't go in for "wellness" exams myself, and I sure as heck am not going to bother my cats with that. They don't like going to the vet! And all the vet does is weigh them, listen to their heart, look at their teeth, and feel them. I can do that (well, I don't bother with the heartbeat), and if they look healthy to me, they pretty much look healthy to the vet, so I just save everyone the hassle and only bring them in if something is wrong. Which I'm happy to do, it's no fun having a sick cat, and whatever they've got is usually cleared up with some dewormer or antibiotics.

Anyway, I'm not even going to bother checking for a vet who makes house calls now, since who knows if they'd still be around in three years. But it does seem like a humane option if there is only a small price premium.