Bathroom Paint

I finally got around to painting the master bathroom today, at least the main part with the sink and tub (there is a smaller room with the toilet and shower). I had to start by cleaning the walls and baseboards; although both Terry and our new maid cleaned the bathroom this week, they didn't do it with Phala-like meticulousness. I was tired after all the cleaning, so I lay down before I started to paint.

I cut in all around the ceiling, wall edges, fixtures, doors, and windows, and painted a few of the smaller patches of wall to use up the rest of the paint in my tray. That took about an hour and a half. I'm resting now, although I'm only a little bit tired. But I'll wait until this coat of paint dries before I roller-paint the rest of the wall over it. The walls aren't very big, since we've got a huge picture window, and the soaking tub is set into the corner so that takes up some wall, plus several walls with doors, etc. I'll start the next coat at 3pm, and should be done by 3:45pm when it's time to stop and get ready for church (I'm going to the 5:15pm mass today, so I don't have to worry about timing mass attendance around my shower tomorrow). I may or may not go for a walk today-- Terry is out running errands, and I usually don't walk alone. But I think I'll probably at least walk 1/2 mile, to get the mail and return. That's something, especially with the hills. Our driveway is the most strenuous part of our walk.

I hope I will keep up the momentum needed to paint the entire bathroom. I'll finish the brown paint in the main room today, but I'll have probably another two days to go, one to paint the walls in the small room, the other to paint the trim. There is a LOT of trim, it might take me two days. I must persevere and finish, lest the master bath succumb to the same fate as the guest bath. I painted the front room back in 2003, and one wall of the shower room, but never finished. So the walls are a patchwork of color in the back room, including some big patches of white where the original blue paint peeled off below the window, and was the inspiration for me to paint that room in the first place. Now it's even worse than before. Yet, curiously, I am so used to it I am not inspired to fix it yet. But I guess it will be the next project once I finish the master bath. It's the same color as the sewing room, but a different finish. I might have given up in '03 if I ran out of paint and never got more, I don't remember. If that's the case, but I have enough leftover from the sewing room, I'll just use that. It's a flat finish, but it's Aura, so hopefully it will hold up ok in the humid environment of the bath. Regardless, it probably won't be worse than the bare drywall showing in the spot where the original paint peeled off (the original paint is builder-grade (ie low-quality) and they didn't use a more durable finish in the bathrooms, which is why there are problems now.