Rambo In Sling

I picked up a baby sling at TJMaxx earlier this week, and decided to try it out on my most laid-back cat, Rambo. I was easily able to scoop him up and drop him in the sling, and once in place, he was surprisingly content. He just sat in there quietly, looking all around as I walked around the house. It is the type of sling that you're supposed to get in the "right" size, but I don't think I can measure my shoulder-to-hip distance properly with my pregnant belly. So I got a "large" since the only other option was "small", and I figure if the large winds up being a little too long, I can always shorten it pretty easily with my sewing machine. But it seemed to fit comfortably for the most part. I'll have to check the wearing instructions online since I'm not sure I had the fabric distributed over my shoulder properly.