Really Nice Shower!

My friend Cathy threw me a really nice baby shower this afternoon! I really enjoyed seeing so many of my friends together at one time, and they all got me such thoughtful gifts! I feel vindicated in my decision to NOT register anywhere, because I totally would not have picked out such a delightful assortment of baby items.

As I was telling Cathy after the shower, despite the fact that I'm conceptually opposed to a lot of baby stuff, when I actually SEE the baby stuff, it's all so cute I want it. I think part of it is that I get overwhelmed by the vast selection of stuff in baby stores, I see a lot of bland stuff and I just get turned off by the whole process. So given my predisposition against baby stuff, I was pleasantly surprised that I am genuinely happy with everything I got today. And grateful; I'm beginning to realize that much of the baby "stuff" while not technically necessary is going to make my future life with baby a lot more fun.

My morale has been flagging the past week or so, but the party was such a good antidote. Everyone was so kind and told me that I looked good, despite being absolutely enormous, bloated, and tired. Friends are a wonderful thing. And I have a renewed sense of excitement for the impending birth. I am eager for Terry to finish negotiations with the carpet vendor so we can get that installed, and I can arrange the furniture in the nursery. Now there are clothes, and books, and diapers, and toys. It's not very inspiring downstairs piled into the stroller, but I'm now looking forward to setting everything up. It's all falling into place.

Terry was sitting on the windowsill in the nursery since we don't have a chair in here yet. I suggested we re-cane one of the antique chairs I've got hanging in the garage, but he had the better idea of putting the rocking chair in the nursery (which might inspire me to reupholster it to match, it should only be a 1-day project) and buying a leather recliner for the master bedroom (current home of the rocking chair). He even offered to be in charge of finding a suitable chair, now that he's armed with the name of the leather manufacturer I prefer (we have a convertible sofa I love, and want the recliner to match).

I'll add photos of the new baby stuff to the baby stuff page once Terry carries it all in from the car. I'm just feeling so good now, even though I'm still tired. Terry took a short walk with me-- we spent 45 minutes just going to the first bend in the road and back, I was walking so slowly. But I felt better after the walk, since I ate a big, delicious piece of cake at the shower, and wanted to walk off the sugar so the baby won't take it. It's big enough already.

I'll try to do a better job of sending out thank-you notes in a timely way than I did last month. I'll try to remember to do it while I'm waiting for coats of paint to dry this week, since it's something I can do while resting at the same time.