I got some natural diaper rash cream yesterday, and unfortunately already had occasion to try it out. A side-effect of my pregnancy is fat legs, and they were rubbing together during my walk yesterday, and got chafed. I figured the problem was akin to diaper rash (redness caused by the combination of dampness and rubbing) so I tried the new cream to see if it would help me.

It did! It didn't seem to do much at first-- it has both a mild scent, and there was no tingly feeling or anything when I applied it. While I know a lot of creams for adults put in menthol and stuff simply for psychological and marketing reasons (so adults will think that the cream is "working"), it is still a bit unusual when that feeling is missing. But since marketing tricks don't work on infants, who might interpret the tingly feeling for some kind of irritant, it's good that this product has none of that.

And now, about eight hours later, while I'm not completely healed, neither do my legs hurt when I'm just sitting still, like they did last night. So I'll credit the cream, and trust it will be effective when used on a baby for its intended purpose.