Gotta Use "Hill Assist"

Yesterday, Terry encouraged me to walk four miles. My latest growth spurt caused me to grow alarmingly quickly (10 lbs in a couple weeks), and since the midwives don't want me to diet, our alternative is to ratchet up the exercise. So we walked four miles. But I was really tired. It wasn't that my legs were tired, or my back, or anything in particular, it was just like I wanted to fall asleep during the walk. When I was really flagging, I came up with the idea of getting Terry to give me a "hill assist" to give me a boost. I got the idea from those bicycles for middle-aged people that have a motor on them, that you can use for going uphill, I think the feature is called "hill assist". Anyway, when we came to a hill, Terry walked behind me and pushed me a little to make it easier for me to walk up the hill. It worked pretty well.

He was all gung-ho to do four miles again today, and I didn't think I'd be able to, but I didn't tell him that I couldn't walk that far up front. I figured I'd start walking and see how I felt. Today my leg muscles DID get tired, and I had to stretch out several times just on the outbound portion of the walk. When we got to three miles, I continued to walk a little further, but not much further before I told Terry I just didn't think I could make it four miles today. So we turned back at three. I had to ask Terry to turn on the hill-assist for hills during the last mile or so. The neighbors used to all remark how fit I look, walking every day. But I bet if they saw Terry having to push me up the hills, they don't think I look so fit anymore. . .

Tomorrow I've got to run a bunch of errands, so I might not have the energy to walk more after that, but we'll see. While not dieting, I am making sure I eat fewer carbs and more vegetables, and I haven't been putting cocoa in my milk anymore. Terry is very good about suggesting healthy snacks throughout the day, so I can eat a little bit at a time to keep my metabolism up. Still, I'm tired most of the time.