Endless Painting

I'm starting to lose enthusiasm for the painting, but I'm trying to hang in there since I'm almost done. I painted the doors in the master bath today, and touched up the wall I finished yesterday. There are three doors, and I painted two sides of two of them (I didn't bother painting the inside of the closet door, since I didn't bother painting the inside of the closet). All the doors have panels, which are a pain to paint since I can't just roller over them. And they'll need a second coat, which I did not do today. I also still need to paint the drawers on the sink vanity, and the tub surround. I'm going to go ahead and get new knobs for the vanity, since the old ones no longer match since I changed the color scheme. I'm also on the lookout for a new wall mirror, because the current one is too long since I replaced the light fixture, since it touches the backspash which doesn't look right.

I guess I'll try to paint those things on Saturday, since I'm running errands tomorrow, and I've got Quilt Club all afternoon on Friday.

I also went ahead and cleared out two drawers in the dresser in the nursery, so I can start putting baby things away. I'm tired waiting for the carpet, there is too much stuff piling up in the dining room. At least the latest carpet guy is coming over to measure tomorrow morning, so hopefully Terry will be able to work out a deal with this one.

I still haven't made much progress on the 2008 taxes, but we couldn't find Terry's W-2. There is a chance we left it up in NJ, so we're waiting for his old company to send us a copy to our VA address. I'm putting it off until that arrives. Although maybe I should take a break from the painting to work on recording our itemized deductions. Bleh, neither chore is appealing at this point.