Terry Is Beginning To Get It

Terry has not understood why I am trying so hard to finish the painting, etc. as soon as possible. But today I think he finally comprehended when I told him I thought the baby had "dropped", and that as long as I don't go into labor before next Friday, we'll be able to have the baby at home.

One week. Next Friday.

I have been telling him each week "ok, we should be ready in case the baby comes early, only three weeks to go. . .", ". . .only two weeks to go. . ." but he says now that all that wasn't really sinking in. But for some reason "next Friday" is easier for him to understand. Now he's beginning to understand why I've been busy clearing out the closet in the nursery, and dresser drawers, and I'm coming home from the store with bottles and more diapers and stuff.

In fact, he was getting on my case a little for not having the cradle bedding already! So I ordered the wool puddle pads this evening, as well as a breast pump. I went ahead and ordered another dozen diapers, and a wool diaper cover, and some glass bottles. That ought to get us through the first few weeks. I'll wait to order more diaper covers to see if we need them (I have three now, and they're really just to use at night so we'll need fewer than others using cloth diapers), also to see what size I'll need, since they're fitted and I don't know if the baby will be 5-8 lbs or 8-10 lbs (although the latter is suspected).

I'll go to quilt club tomorrow, and hopefully learn enough that I'll be able to finish the quilt. That, or the instructor will be able to fit in an extra session for me sometime next week. And Saturday I'll hopefully finish painting the master bathroom. My goal will be to finish the guest/nursery bathroom on Sunday or Monday. I got a new mirror for the master bath today, and also new handles for the vanity drawers. The room is going to look sharp. I'll post photos of the rooms when they are all decorated, after the new carpet goes in. Unfortunately, Terry doesn't have high hopes that he'll get a good deal from the carpet guy that came today. He's baffled by Cville merchants who don't seem to care if they get the business or not, since salespeople tend to be more aggressive in NY, and that's what he's used to dealing with.