Off My Trades

Ugh. I was spooked by the downturn after my last long trades, so I didn't get in at just the right time for several ETFs I'm tracking, and now it's too late for a really good trade.

With the current volatility, I really have to sit in front of the computer during trading hours and prepare my buy and sell orders if I want to execute profitably. But I've been preoccupied with doctor's appointments, buying baby supplies, etc., painting, and whatnot. I should have made some money this week, but it looks like I missed my opportunity.

This is disappointing, but I'm going to let myself off the hook. I think that preparing for the imminent birth of my first child is a legitimate reason to slack off trading. And it's better to miss opportunities than to get caught in a bad trade. So I missed my opportunities this week. The really disappointing part is that using the TD indicators, it can take a really long time for the next trade to set up, so I could be tracking for another month or two before my next opportunity. And I might still be too preoccupied with the baby to take advantage of THAT.

This might not turn out to be a highly profitable trading year for me. The lack of inflation is the only saving grace here, at least we should be able to pay for most of our expenses with income earned through our cash holdings, even if they're only at 1-2% interest. And I'll probably get in at least a FEW good trades this year. A thousand dollars here and there will add up over time. It's still just March.

I guess I'm just feeling bad all around. I've got heartburn from eating almost anything, I'm tired all day even after the nights I don't wake up several times. I'm bloated, and lumber around like a walrus. And now I'm not even trading well anymore. Bleh.

Maybe quilt club will cheer me up. I like our instructor, April, a lot, she's usually pretty chipper. I've decided to go with a monogram and year applique to decorate the center panel of the quilt, hopefully she'll approve it. I don't know exactly what is feasible quilt-wise, so I'll have to be flexible if it turns out the pieces will be too small to quilt right.