Too Tired To Paint

I am really quite tired today. We took a walk this morning, which was good since it was only raining a little then and it's raining much more now. But my legs got tired, so we only walked 2.5 miles. We intended to walk again a short ways this afternoon, but I don't think I'll be up for it.

I have barely enough energy to stay awake and read, let alone paint. But we don't have any doorknobs in the bathroom since the doors do need a second coat, and it is very annoying. But I just don't feel confident that I can do it today. I did help Terry hang the new mirror above the sink-- it looks good.

Maybe I can muster enough energy to at least paint one door. I guess it would be useful to do the closet, since it accidentally closed without the knob, and we can't get back into the closet until it's reinstalled.

Maybe I'll do some other useful task that I can accomplish while seated-- I still have some thank-you notes to write, and some sewing to do. That's probably a more realistic goal. It's so overcast that it's getting dark outside already, and it's much easier to see what I'm painting in full sun.