Baby Did Drop

A few days ago, I told Terry that I thought the baby had "dropped". For anyone who doesn't know, this is the process where the baby's head settles down deeper in the pelvis, often creating more room for your lungs, but pressing more on the bladder. I think I noticed the change on Wednesday or Thursday of last week. I mentioned it at quilt club, but the instructor (who had a baby about a year ago) said she felt a distinct and totally uncomfortable pressure when her baby dropped. So after hearing that, I wasn't sure if mine had dropped, since it just felt "different" rather than uncomfortable.

One of my midwives came out to the house today for my appointment, and I asked if she could tell if the baby dropped, or if it just felt different because it's getting bigger. She felt for its head, and said it's definitely dropped. But she also said it can still float up and down a little, so I might be feeling that as well. It's not uncommon for first babies to drop so early, but subsequent children usually don't drop until labor is imminent.

Terry and I finally got the instructions about when to call the midwives to come out-- basically, call when labor begins to give them a heads-up, unless it's very early labor and the middle of the night, then only call if I need reassurance or have questions. If labor progresses quickly, call at any hour. They said it's not uncommon to have several phone calls before they come out, since they like to wait until a woman is in active labor before they come over. But again, if I have an intuition that something is not quite right, they'll come out whenever I want, even if it's early. They're pretty big on trusting a woman's intuition. I was glad I was right about noticing when the baby dropped, I suppose I'm lucky that it settled in a way that's not uncomfortable for me.

When the midwife asked how I was feeling, I complained again that I've gained about 7 lbs since my last 2-week appointment, and am totally swollen and fatigued. But she took my blood pressure, which was low/normal like usual, so she said that the swelling was not an indication of edema, since it would be coincident with high blood pressure. So my water retention is just a nuisance symptom. She reiterated that I don't appear to have gained too much weight, and that it doesn't always matter how healthy you eat during pregnancy, your body will gain what it wants to. I felt better once she said that she gained over 40 lbs with one of her own pregnancies, and she's a petite little thing who was eating healthy vegetarian food at the time. So that put my own gain into perspective, it must not be so bad since I'm relatively tall. And my blood sugar is normal, so I don't have any pregnancy-diabetes issues.

Bleh, my blog now has way too much personal health information in it now, doesn't it? But it is what I think about a lot of the day, precisely because I feel so miserable. The fatigue really inhibits me from being in a good mood. And the rain, days and days of rain, isn't helping either. The midwife did give me some hope-- she said she has seen many times that the women are feeling down at 36 weeks, pretty much unenthusiastic about the pregnancy, just ready to be done with it, but then at the 38th week appointment they've got their second wind, and are full of energy and bouncy and say they feel like they could be pregnant indefinitely, no problem. Hopefully I'll get that boost, too. Since it will be a looong @#$$@# month if I feel this bad for the next four weeks.