A Little Paint, A Lot of Video Game

I was very pleased when I woke up this morning with enough energy to paint the bathroom doors, since I absolutely was just too tired all weekend. I mustered the strength to paint for an hour and a half, and finished all five sides that needed the second coat. Of course THEN I was worn out. But I just stopped for lunch, then lay in bed resting until the midwife came out at 1:30pm.

I also finished writing all the thank-you notes for shower gifts I received last week (I did not yet write the notes for the gifts received on Friday night), they'll go out with tomorrow's mail. Just over a week, not bad, I'm glad I wrote a few every day.

So between the painting and finishing the notes, I felt that I had a rather productive day. So I rewarded myself by playing my new videogame for several hours before dinner. Last night I got "Bejeweled 2" as a reward for forgoing a glass of wine at dinner. It's another game that seems to be engineered specifically to appeal to middle-aged women-- relaxing background music, and a strategy simple enough to be relaxing, yet complex enough to keep it interesting.

I moved the PS3 to the upstairs lounge yesterday, and have been playing the games using the projector. Man, they look so good in high-def. We still haven't watched our Blu-Ray movie, maybe we'll do that later this week. I really like having the projector. I like it much better than a large-screen TV, since it's much larger than most large-screen TVs. I'm eager for Terry to set up the receiver so we can watch TV upstairs, but he can't find the proper cords. I hope they turn up soon! I think to celebrate once ALL the painting is finished (and hopefully the carpet as well) I'll have some friends over to watch a movie upstairs on the big screen (well, wall, I'm not sure if we'll get an actual screen or not).