Bye-Bye Prefinished Melamine Aesthetic

I spent two hours painting trim in the master bath and upstairs hallway this morning. I was initially hesitant about painting over the pre-finished white melamine on the bathroom vanity and tub surround, but got over it. On one hand, the stuff is extremely durable, it can get wet and be scrubbed vigorously and still look the same. On the other hand, the color is a relatively flat white, boring, and doesn't look like wood.

So I opted to paint it all. It'll need two coats since I didn't prime it or even put on a deglosser before painting. But there's Aura to the rescue, the paint is self-priming, so I'll just need two coats, period. I haven't decided if I'll put on the second coat this afternoon or wait until tomorrow. I haven't put any paint on the vanity drawer fronts yet, the drawers are stacked in the bedroom until I finish painting the frame. I guess that does suggest it would be convenient to finish the second coat today, so we can use the drawers again tomorrow morning.

I only painted some of the door frames and floorboards in the hallway, kind of at random, at that. I'm going to put off painting the ceiling molding until I can use the big ladder this summer, so I can paint it all at once. I thought about finishing all the trim in the hall, but Terry made lunch for me and I had already been painting for two hours, so I stopped. Since I've got to paint more in the bathroom anyway, I'll just finish up in the hall when I've got the paintbrush out for that.

I really am continually amazed at how good beautiful wall paint makes me feel. It's just so soothing to me to sit in a room with nice colors. Even the ceiling here in the nursery, it's just such a clean white now, with no blemishes, no water marks, no nothing but pure, smooth white. And what a difference the semigloss finish on the trim makes! The builder's finish was thicker than the wall paint, but still was probably just a satin. The semigloss actually has a nice shine when the light hits it. Plus it's a better color. Not that drab, drab, builder's white. But beautiful, sophisticated White Dove.

I think White Dove must now officially be my favorite color for trim. I've been using it for trim ever since I got married for sure, I don't remember if it's the color I used in my first house when I was single. It probably was. And even after nine or more years, I'm still enamored with the color. It's white, for sure, not ecru or yellowish or anything like Navajo White is. But White Dove is such a lush, creamy white. And the semigloss finish is just the right lustre, since it stands out not only against matte finished paint, but even with the satin finish (remember, I painted the bedroom with a satin finish so it would reflect the glow of candlelight at night; that, along with the satin curtains, should make for a very romantic boudoir).

I'm definitely still impatient to put some stuff up on the walls in the nursery. I think I'll shop for a corner shelving unit for the stuffed animals. The corner between the closet and the far wall is just the right size for that sort of thing, and I didn't really like the look of various contraptions that were designed specifically to hold stuffed animals.