Movin' Up In Raving Rabbids

I've been playing the PS3 for a couple days now, so today I felt like playing the Wii. I played Lost Winds for a while, then switched to Rayman Raving Rabbids after dinner.

I mostly played the rabbit hunt part of the game, and achieved three new personal best high scores. I was shooting fast tonight. I just entered the internet codes into the game website, and have moved up in the rankings! I was previously ranked 55th overall for Wii players in the US. Now I am ranked 48th. There are 4,242 players included in this ranking (filtered for Wii players in the US), so I'll need to advance to 42nd place to be in the top 1%. I've got 56,253 points now, and I'll need more than 59,783 to get there. That's a reasonable goal.

Now, I'd need better than 83,507 points to get on the first page (20th place). The points for this ranking aren't just points scored in the game, they're progress points, which vary by minigame, so sometimes 30,000 game points = 1000 progress points, or 45,000 game points = 1000 progress points, etc. So it would take a LOT of improvement on my part to reach the first page of ranking results. I don't think I'm captivated by the game to play often enough to reach that goal.

I'm actually looking forward to the performance contest within the Rock Babes Guitar Hero tour group. It starts on the 29th, and the goal is to have the most performances in a week. I haven't played regular Guitar Hero in ages, but I think it's getting to be about time to improve my ranking on the Intermediate career level. I'm holding out until the contest week, so I won't be tired of playing before then. And I'll have a little motivation to stick with marathon sessions. Although it is kind of hard on the hand muscles, perhaps I should play a little before the contest to build up my endurance.