Even 40 Minute Walk Is A Chore

After I practically fell asleep during our last three-mile walk (I think that was on Sunday), when I was sooo tired that during the last several hundred yards I closed my eyes to rest and Terry guided me home, I decided to try something new.

Starting yesterday, I suggested to Terry that we just walk 40 minutes instead of an hour (or longer, if we were doing 3 miles). So we walked 20 minutes, then turned around. Yesterday was actually pretty good, I didn't get so tired on the hills, and was able to maintain a 20-minute pace on the return trip as well (my pace had been slowing quite a bit toward the end of the longer walks recently).

But today I was hating the walk. It was overcast and dreary AGAIN, and I'm feeling fatigued and miserable and the only reason I bothered to go out today was because the midwife said it was important that I keep up with my exercise. We go a surprisingly short distance in 20 minutes. It takes me a really long time to go up the hills in our driveway and our road. I didn't have any energy left at the end like I did yesterday, so Terry had to push me up the last little hill toward the house. Then I collapsed exhausted on the sofa.

Terry noticed that it's really the hills that exhaust and demoralize me and suggested tomorrow we try yet another tactic to make the walking more appealing (he did ask if there was some other exercise I'd prefer since I was pretty much down on the walk today, but no way, anything else would be even less appealing). Tomorrow we'll drive to the end of our road, then start and end our walk on Jones Mill Rd, since for the most part it's flat. Terry's theory being that if I skip the excruciating part of the walk (the hills) I might be able to enjoy the easy part of the walk, and not be completely wiped out, but still get some good exercise. That might work.

It does seem silly to drive to walk, but it is what many people do, in order to walk on fitness or nature paths. In fact, there are frequently cars parked either at the end of our road or near the ends of Jones Mill Rd because people from who-knows-where drive out to walk or jog along our route. So we'll join them. At least until I either get an energy boost or have the baby, whichever comes first. . .