Breast Pump Delivered Today

My breast pump was delivered today, it's a fascinating little device. I got the Ameda Purely Yours pump since it's got a "closed tubing" design that keeps milk or even any moisture from getting into the tubes, so they never have to be cleaned. It's got this silicone barrier thing between the suction tubes and the collection contraption, and I wouldn't have thought that the suction would work through the silicone barrier, but it does. It's got independent variable settings for both cycle speed and suction strength, so I can adjust it to match my baby's suckling pattern, I guess. I'm sure I'll learn all about it in a few weeks.

I read that if you pump in addition to feeding your baby during the first few days, you're less likely to suffer from a painful engorgement when your milk comes in. I'm all in favor of avoiding a painful engorgement, it sounds awful from the accounts I've read.

On the positive side, I am looking forward to once again having breasts larger than my stomach (a condition that lasted from about August through December for me, before the belly absolutely took all the attention starting in my last trimester). I keep in mind the vision of Christina Aguilera on Ellen, in her first public appearance after she had her son, and the effect that breastfeeding had on HER figure. Here's the video, you only need to watch the first minute and a half before Ellen feels compelled to mention it. . .

Yeah, baby. That's what I'm talkin' about. You better believe I'm gonna be sporting the V-neck sundresses this summer.