I Can Hear It Already. . .

As I was painting the trim in the hallway tonight, and really enjoying watching the luscious creamy white color replacing the dull, flat color on all the doorways, I was thinking how nice that my baby will grow up in a house with such nice colors.

But then I was hit by a reality check. First of all, the baby isn't going to give a rat's @#$ about my eminently tasteful selection of neutrals for the upstairs. And just because both Terry and I are really in tune with color doesn't mean it will be important to our child. So I can hear the complaint already, "My mom is so dumb, she thinks there is a difference between brands of paint, and that one particular can of white paint can be better or worse than another can of white paint. Give me a break."

I am curious to discover how the baby will turn out. In the "Six Stages of Parenthood" book, I remember that a lot of parents were taken by surprise when their children expressed an interest in things that never occurred to them, and dismayed that the kids weren't interested in the same things that interested them. Maybe our child will like travel, visiting museums, painting, and playing music, like Terry and I do. But maybe all that will bore it to death and it will prefer to go to monster truck rallies (which is actually fine with me, I went to one and it was fun).

Terry and I of course hope that it will grow up to enjoy dining at the same sort of fancy-pants restaurants that we prefer, and shudder to think our child's favorite restaurant might be Appleby's or Olive Garden or something of that sort. But we're prepared to give the child what it wants, even if it's not what we want. We'll take turns. So the child will have to put up with Fleurie or Ivy Inn sometimes, and we'll have to put up with whatever it wants, but I'm sure we'll get used to it.

If we have a boy, I hope he's more into sports than Terry, so I can go with him to the afternoon baseball games over at UVA. I really enjoy baseball, and used to go to a lot of games in my early 20s when I was dating a guy who was a baseball fan. I didn't go as often while I was in NY, but I went to more Yankees games than Terry did, he was never interested so it worked out that when people with season tickets had an extra ticket I could go with them. While I could probably talk Terry into getting tickets if we had a pro team in town, Terry is just not into college sports at all. Any of them. For me, I suppose it helps that we live in the town where it is my alma mater on the field, but I like live sports of all kinds. Pro is somewhat preferred, since they sell beer in the stands, but college is better than high school, which would have to do if we didn't live in a college town. I'm somewhat hopeful if we have a girl, that she'd also like to go to the games with me, but my gut says it would be less likely to interest her until she was older, that she might not like watching the game as a young kid the way a boy might. But who knows? Title 9 and all that, I might be in luck either way.