Microsoft Songsmiths on YouTube

Terry confessed yesterday that he wasted a significant bit of time watching all the Microsoft Songsmith videos on YouTube. I hadn't heard about this, so he sent me a link. I guess he liked this Van Halen video best since that's the link he sent me, but I preferred this video with Queen:

I can totally see how one can get sucked into this new genre of music-video covers. They're train wrecks, yet it's interesting to hear the song in a new light. I listened/watched (the ones with the actual music videos are far more entertaining than the ones with just a still photo to go with the music) to about half a dozen (I also liked this one from The Clash) before I caught myself falling down the rabbit hole and navigated away from YouTube.

But now I'm curious to try this Songsmith program myself. I wrote a little song to my baby, and gave Terry the lyrics so he could set it to music. But he hasn't gotten around to it. So maybe I could just sing it and run it through Songsmith instead.

Hmm, Songsmith vs income taxes, whatever will I do this afternoon?