Laziness or Ice Cream?

Terry is still in DC, I don't expect him home for another few hours. So I have time to head into Crozet to get a Blizzard at the DQ. Terry is a little bit of a nag when it comes to my dessert cravings. It's ok, I should be making healthy food choices, but I've been craving ice cream for several days now, and the coast is clear for me to indulge without Terry's knowledge.

But I'm also tired. So I have an internal struggle about whether it would be better to muster the energy to put on some warmer clothes and drive into town for my ice cream, or whether I should just give in to my own laziness and stay home, thus conserving both energy and calories.

Hmm. From a nutrition standpoint, I really have already eaten a lot of dairy today-- brie, milk, sour cream. So I can't even use more calcium as a nutritional justifier. And I'd have to take the truck, which is a manual transmission, so I couldn't even eat my blizzard as I drove home, so it would get all melty. That seals it, I think. Inertia wins.