Rambo Is Devoted Cat

My three tomcats are perpetually jockeying for supremacy in the household. I am no longer sure what their internal pecking order is, but their behavior has changed over the past month or so.

Merlin used to be the cat that was never more than a few feet from me, and more often was right on top of me in some fashion. But Rambo has taken over that spot. Not quite in the same way, though. Rambo is always near me, but he's not as likely as Merlin to be sitting on my keyboard, or on my chest, or on my lap; Rambo's more content to sit next to me, which is actually far more convenient for me. But I miss Merlin. Merlin is softer, and generally a nicer cat. Rambo is aggressive, and if one of the other cats comes into the bedroom with me, Rambo leaps off the bed to chase them out. I don't like that. In my opinion, there's plenty of room for all the cats. Merlin would only bat away the other cats if they got too close, not if they just deigned to enter the room.

Even when I'm downstairs, Fenway is the cat who runs and jumps up on the sofa to sit next to me when I'm reading the paper or watching TV. It used to be that Merlin would be sitting on me there, too. Sometimes Merlin will sit on my legs or on the ottoman by my feet when Fenway is on the sofa, but more often he's off sitting in his basket on the other side of the room. Rambo will come sit on the other side of me from Fenway, and doesn't generally chase the others away when we're downstairs. I think his territory is now the entire upstairs, and the other two cats share the downstairs. Fenway and Merlin have always gotten along pretty well. Probably because Fenway has never seemed interested in being top cat, and doesn't seem to have an aggressive bone in his big fluffy body. He's definitely the largest cat, so he could probably take out either Merlin or Rambo if he wanted to, but he's a peacenik.

Anyway, I guess despite his rude aggression, Rambo is somewhat endearing just due to his consistent devotion. Every time I turn around, there he his, keeping an eye on me. And he's not demanding like Merlin-- Rambo doesn't need constant pets and attention when he's with me, he really seems content to just watch me. He'll watch me paint, he'll watch me type, he'll watch me read, he watches me when I'm sleeping.

I am curious how the baby is going to upset the animal balance here in the household. I hope all three cats adjust to the change, I don't want to have to deal with a lot of cat drama.