April Crossword Puzzle Done

I'm still creating the crossword puzzle for the local paper every other month, and although it's not due until later this week, I'm glad I finished the April puzzle a little early. I'm still hopeful I'll also get the taxes done before I have the baby, but I'm not particularly close to having those done, so it will really depend a lot on whether I deliver near my due date or not.

Last night I felt my first "practice" contractions. Some women feel them earlier in the third trimester, but I haven't really noticed anything until now. Feels weird. At first, I thought it was just the baby moving around again, but then I noticed it was. . .different. I'd get the contraction, THEN the baby would move around.

For any crossword puzzle fans, you can download back issues of the Gazette here, I think my puzzles are in the September, October, December, and February issues. I think the April issue will be out around 4/2.