Fun Visit From Family

My sister came out to the farm for a visit, bringing her three girls and my parents, too. It was a really nice visit. They all arrived around noon, so I made french toast for lunch, and my mom brought a fruit salad. Cindy had little booster-seat-type high chairs for all her girls, and Terry brought in some chairs from other rooms so we could all sit around the dining room table. I must say it was a very reasonable seating for eight since three of the people were little kids, I know that eight is a tough fit around our table for an adult dinner party.

After lunch, Terry took Addison for a walk next door to see some cows, while the rest of us went upstairs. My family had been reading about all the painting I've done, and they hadn't been out since the renovations over the garage were complete, so they got to see everything at once. Mom & Cindy also brought me some very thoughtful baby gifts, so we had a nice little family baby shower since they were unable to attend the one I had earlier this month.

Cindy also graciously agreed to take some maternity photos of me, since Terry hates taking photos (also posing for them) and it only happens under duress, so the vast majority of my to-date belly photos have been either taken with my camera on a timer or just by me in a mirror. Cindy takes really good photos of her own kids, and although she wasn't completely confident about her ability to take the maternity photos, I think they came out every bit as well as most of the maternity photos I saw on professional photographers' websites when I was looking for ideas for poses last night. We took photos on the porch, in the field, and down in the woods. Here's a link to the slideshow with my favorite photos from this afternoon. You can also view it from the "Gallery" page at any time.

After my family left to return to Richmond, Terry and I went for our walk. I walked a full two miles today (I only had time for 1 mile yesterday), although today my shins hurt a little, which is unusual. I think because we were walking faster than usual, so we took the return mile slower and I made it ok.