My mother was asking about my upholstered headboard the other day, and I had taken photos when I made it several years ago, so here they are. I had the wood all cut to size when I bought it at Lowe's, and I basically remember putting it together during the commercial breaks while watching and episode of Law & Order. It's an easy project if you've got a power screwdriver, staple gun, and enough floor space to lay it all out. I think I used 3/4" plywood, but it might have been 1/2", I don't remember.

Altogether, I think it cost me $75 in materials and I had some leftovers. It's not fancy, but I've been using it for years now and it's better than no headboard. I think similar bare-bones headboards were going for over $300 in retail stores. When we move the queen-size bed down here, I'm probably just going to alter this existing headboard, cutting it down to size. Then I'll make a slipcover for it, the plain white sheet I used (I always intended to make a slipcover, but never got around to it) has become discolored, but I'll wash it as part of the renovation-- a little soap & bleach should render it good as new.

Terry and I are fans of leather, but the upholstered leather headboards are fairly expensive. But when I got my new sewing machine, I got the ability to sew leather myself. And I discovered that the big fabric shop way up Rt 29 in Ruckersville sells leather pieces. So I might be able to make a leather slipcover for the headboard for, oh, about 1/10th the cost of buying one new. Presuming I muster enough enthusiasm to get me through the complete project. Otherwise, I'll just wind up with a pile of uncut leather in a box in my sewing room, and the same plain white headboard I've had for the past several years. . .

Anyway, here's a photo demonstration of how to make one of these headboards for yourself: