Still Tempted by Facebook

Halfway through Lent, and I find that I am still tempted by facebook. I haven't logged in since Fat Tuesday, but sometimes I do think about it. I fear I will fall hopelessly out-of-touch with my friends if I don't read the facebook updates, but I know that's not entirely rational. It's more like I just won't be ridiculously up-to-date about the goings-on in their lives.

So I still view this self-imposed period of introspection and reflection as spiritually healthy. I spend a fair amount of my online time playing games on igoogle, but my overall videogame time is probably not much changed from before. I think that I am not spending too much time checking out my friends' profiles online is helping me focus on addressing envelopes, at any rate. Although I pulled out the envelopes around 11am, and here it is 1:30pm and I still haven't started. Maybe after lunch. . .