Distracted By Baby Photos

Out of curiosity, I did a quick google on newborn photos to see all the props my sister was talking about yesterday. HOW CUTE! I probably watched the slideshows on the websites of half a dozen photographers. They had babies in slings, in gauze, in baskets, in bowls, in boxes, wrapped in ribbon, in closets, in hands, in football helmets, all kinds of stuff.

And I also see how timing does make a big difference, and why "newborn" photographers want to take the photos within the first 10 days of birth-- there was a distinct difference between the way a newborn looked vs an older infant.

So. . .now it's 4pm and I still haven't addressed any more envelopes. Nor have I painted the guest bath-- although for that I did ask Terry to take the towel racks off the wall, etc, but he's been out running errands all day so I don't fault myself for putting that off. Just the envelopes. . .