My First Disappointment With Aura Paint

I have been loving my Aura paint for every room, until now. I still had nearly a full gallon leftover from when I painted the sewing room last fall (I think I painted it in either August or September), so I decided to use that color in the guest bath also. I'd painted a few walls with the same color around 2003 or 2004, but never finished since I only bought a quart of the paint to test the color. The Aura is a matte finish, which is not traditionally great for rooms with moisture, but I've been so impressed with the performance of the Aura I figured it will be ok.

Now I think just maybe it will be ok.

The paint had thickened over the months, despite being closed up tightly, so it was catching on itself and getting gummy while I was painting it this time. I thinned it with water, but then it didn't cover as opaquely as it did when it was first purchased. I tried using it just a little thicker today, but it was still relatively difficult to apply. In all the other rooms I've been painting lately (with fresh Aura paint), I've been able to pretty much just slap the paint on the wall and its done a wonderful job self-leveling and drying evenly so that I only have to do one coat and then just touch-ups here and there but not two full coats.

But this stuff, it's not even like it's Aura paint anymore. It's just plain old annoying paint. Which is really quite disappointing since you'd think such expensive paint would stay nice in its can over time. Instead, it's like the picture of Dorian Gray. The paint out in public on the wall looks great, but the paint hidden in the back closet in the can turns hideous over time.

Nevertheless, I've decided to just deal with it. I'll put two coats up (I really hope I don't need three) and I have to actually use good painting technique to minimize pulling and brush-strokes. On one hand it's a real nuisance since I can't maneuver the ladder conveniently because of the tub, sink, and toilet, so it's a difficult room to have to keep repainting. But on the other hand, the actual paint-able wall area is minimal, so it's easy for me to just paint one hour at a time and still finish several walls. I now know exactly how much paint to pour out so that I run out in just one hour, so I stop then and rest so I don't tire myself out. I should be able to finish by tomorrow night, not counting painting the trim, which I'll probably do on Saturday when I touch-up the trim in the master bath also.