I Booked The Movers

Terry and I had been waiting until we had a firm closing date on the condo before making plans to move out the rest of our furniture. But our realtor called yesterday, and said that while the buyer is still in the process of getting his mortgage approved, he's going to want to close quickly once it's arranged, since he wants to move in as soon as possible.

So Terry and I brainstormed about how we'd handle this. Originally, we were going to drive up together and I'd drive the car home and he'd hire movers for a few hours to load the furniture into the truck and he'd drive it to VA and we'd unload the stuff here. But I'm too pregnant to leave town, let alone carry anything, so we decided I would call to get quotes from a moving company, and that's what I did this morning. Fortunately, the first company that called back came with a very good price, so I booked them. Terry is going to drive up to NJ on Saturday, spend Sunday packing, supervise the movers on Monday, then return home. So nice, they'll both load the furniture into the van, and carry it into the house here in VA. Which is good, since it would probably be many months before I'd be able to help Terry carry the furniture up the stairs, and that's where most of the pieces will be going. The big things are the queen-sized bed and the large dresser which are both destined for the master bedroom, and the white cabinets that I'm going to use in my sewing room.

If I go into labor at any point, I'll call him and he'll drop what he's doing and be home in six hours, and we'd have to reschedule the movers if he hadn't packed yet (but if all that was left was to supervise the movers, we could probably get our realtor to do that for us). But I'm still over two weeks from my due date, so we're hopeful he'll be able to stay there and take care of the move-out.

He only has to pack the mirror and the microwave since they're fragile, and then all the random stuff we've still got in the closets and cabinets. Mostly cleaning supplies and tools. He'll take the pickup truck, so anything that's over what I estimated the movers would handle he can bring home himself so we don't get any overage charges. I guessed we'd have five boxes at 3 cu ft, but I really don't know if that's right or not. At any rate, it would take me a full day to pack it all (if I wasn't nine months pregnant; it would take me a week at the speed I'm moving now), but Terry will probably be able to do it in a couple hours, so he won't be too tired for the drive back to VA on Monday.