I can't stop thinking about the commercial Terry and I saw the other night. It was for a car dealership, and toward the end we heard something like, "come on in to test drive an Obamazda." And we both looked at each other since we did in fact hear the same thing.

And we both thought it was bizarre that the dealer was somehow trying to jump on the Obama bandwagon and somehow associate his cars with the president. Maybe if they were "green" cars paid for by the stimulus plan or something there could be a correlation, but there was no reason for it as far as Terry and I could tell.

But then we saw the end of the commercial that had the dealer's name in writing at the top of the screen. While the way it was phrased did seem to suggest the dealer was trying to associate his cars with the president, it wasn't blatantly gratuitous since the dealer was perfectly justified in advertising what we thought were Obamazdas.

The dealership is called Charlie Obaugh Mazda. Terry and I laughed ourselves off the sofa.