Fitted Sheet Not So Easy

I thought it would be easy-peasy to make fitted sheets for the cradle mattress. Not so much. Not that it was particularly difficult, but it was more time-consuming than I anticipated. And now there is a bit of a problem.

The first hurdle was the fabric shrinkage. I hadn't calculated on quite as much shrinkage as actually happened, so I didn't have enough fabric to make two sheets, only one. Not a problem, I'll just need more fabric later.

I stitched up the edges easily enough, although flat-felling the corner seams was tricker than anticipated since I fitted the sheet on both sides and bottom rather than use elastic around the edges. But I got that done, then hemmed the bottom edges, and the sheet looks good.

But when I put it back in the cradle, the mattress wouldn't stay down! I had cut the foam just a little big so it would compress so there would be no gaps between the edge of the mattress and the side of the cradle, and when it was just the foam in there, it worked really well. But now with a sheet over the foam, it would stay compressed since it was smooth enough it just slides up the sides of the cradle a bit. Not good.

I guess the first thing I'll do it put some weights in the cradle atop the mattress, to see if I can force it to conform to the cradle's contours. If that doesn't work, then I'll have to precision-trim the foam. Which is not an easy task, it's kind of a pain to cut the foam. So I hope I can just mush it into shape.