Quick Response To Bed Ad

I made a post to Cville's Freecycle board about an hour ago to give away our king-size bed, and have already had a bunch of responses. So far, the earliest someone can pick up is around 7pm, so I'm still offering it if anyone can pick up during the daytime since that is my preference. Either way, it'll be gone by tonight. Yay!

Terry is not so happy to see the bed go, he just loooves his king-size bed. I think it's way too big and not that comfortable, to boot. If he comes home tonight, he'll have to sleep on the sofa. Of course, he could join me in the full bed in the nursery, but he complains that this bed is too small for him. We're like Goldilocks' three bears, we all like different beds. Hopefully Terry will adjust to the queen-size bed when it arrives from NJ. I really like that one. It's new, and pillow-top, and sooo comfortable.

A couple of guys came with

A couple of guys came with their pickup to get the bed before 3pm. Terry was surprised I was able to move it so quickly until he heard I gave it away. He thought I probably could've gotten a couple hundred dollars for it. For a 20-year-old mattress?? I don't know about that. I figured it was free for us (his mother gave it up), why not pass it along?

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