Hmm. Haven't Painted Yet.

I thought I was going to finish painting the guest bath today, but since it's 5:30pm and still haven't felt like it, I'm beginning to doubt it. Maybe tomorrow.

Instead, I looked into pantry storage systems so I can get all our extra cookware from NJ off the kitchen floor. I couldn't find the bypass shelves I envisioned, and based on what else is available, the shelves we have in there currently are probably just as good as putting something new in there, at least for the short-term. There is a big gap between the shallow shelves on the side wall and the deep shelves on the back wall. I currently keep the vacuum cleaner there, but I don't want to keep the vacuum in there once I convert that closet to a pantry, so that part will probably be wasted space. But nevertheless I think it will be prudent to use the existing shelves as a pantry for awhile, until I figure out exactly what will be stored in there, and whether I'll want more shelves, or drawers, or baskets, before I go through the effort of designing the "perfect" pantry system. As a start, I moved one box of twine and two boxes of lightbulbs from the future-pantry to the mudroom (former laundry) cabinets. And found all my placemats in the process-- they should have been in the china cabinet, and I've been wondering where they are for months, apparently someone thought they belonged in the mudroom cabinets (?!?!?).

I think I will be able to motivate myself to work on my quilt this evening, if not painting. Less climbing around required. I'll do my decorative stitch around the center panel, and maybe start on quilting the block outlines if I'm not tired from the decorative stitching.

Oh, good grief. I changed

Oh, good grief. I changed my user info to the correct time, and it changed all my posts RETROACTIVELY. So it seems that only posts in the current timeframe (DST at this point) will show the correct posting time. And then when it reverts back in October, all these posts will be wrong if I make the new posts correct.

I think daylight savings time is asinine. If people want to get up earlier or later based on the sunrise, why not just do that? Why do you have to change the clocks?? Businesses should just set their own summer and winter hours if they want their employees there during daylight. And that could be more precise, anyway (say winter hours are 9am-6pm, summer hours could be 7:30am-4:30pm, they don't have to be just an even hour different like DST).

Aw, man! I just noticed

Aw, man! I just noticed that this site hasn't been updated with the correct times since daylight savings time took effect three weeks ago. Add an hour to every post between 3/8/09 and this one. . .

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