Half A Wall Plus Trim

I surprised myself yesterday by actually opening the can of paint and getting to work. I put the second coat on all the remaining walls in the shower part of the bathroom, and the second coat on the inset parts of both doors. Took about 1.5 hrs.

Today I decided that I didn't want a towel rack in the sink part of the bathroom, so I asked Terry to take out the brackets and spackle the holes. I finished the second coat on the remainder of the doors, and painted the wall above where Terry spackled. A few more coats of filler will be necessary before the wall is smooth, so I'll probably have to finish that wall tomorrow.

I also scrubbed all the old paint off the towel racks I was going to rehang. The original painters were sloppy, and got blue paint all over the fixtures, I guess they were too lazy to take them off before doing that room. Since I'm not replacing the fixtures at this time (although I hate the fake-brass look, I'd have to change the light fixture while I'm at it if I wanted to upgrade, and I don't have the energy), I scrubbed off the old paint and then replaced the fixtures on all the dry walls.

Now all I have left to do in that room is paint half a wall, paint the trim all around, and buy a new shower curtain and bath mats. I've just had a $4 liner over the shower all these years since this bathroom didn't see much use, and likewise have just been using the Sam's Club cotton cloth bathmats as needed. But now I'll probably be bathing the baby in there more often, so it's time to upgrade.